Gulyás, Gulas or Goulash, the Same Deliciousness

 Gulas or Gulyás is a very known type of food. You can eat it in Hungary, but in other places too. Is a traditional Hungarian food which contains beef, potatoes, Hungarian paprika and other spices.

Wikipedia tells us that Gulas is the symbol of Hungary, their pride.

Is a very nourishing food, but takes a lot to cook it, if you make it with beef.

I never made Gulas in my life but I really wanted to try to make it.

I ate this dish in Hungary as well in Romania, I liked it and I wanted to try to make it at home.
I searched for recipes in Romanian and as well in Hungarian, to make the traditional Gulyás.

I told you that I am half Hungarian? ‘Cause I am 🙂

This is how I made it:


  • 500 g beef, cut into small pieces
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 large potatoes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 large tomato
  • parsley and celery leaves
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 bay leaf
  • condiments: salt, pepper, paprika and caraway seeds

First of all sweat the onion until it softens. After that, add the meat and fry it on all sides.

Take the pot off the stove and add the condiments and toss the meat to be covered in the spices.

Add water to cover the meat, cover the pot and let the meat on medium heat until it softens well, 50 minutes aprox.

You can add warm water if needed.

Sink the tomato in boiling water, for 1 minute, then peel it and cut it in cubes.

When our meat is cooked, add the vegetables, which you prepared in the meantime.

Add how much water to you want and let boil on medium heat until the vegetables are cooked through.

In the meantime make some dumplings for the Gulas, named Csipetke.


  • 1 egg
  • 80 g of flour
  • salt to taste

In a bowl mix the flour with the egg and salt. Form a dough.

Cut the dough into small pieces, like 1 cm, because they will expand in the stew.

Add the dumplings in the stew in the last 10 minutes, when you add the parsley and celery leaves.

Bon Appetite! Jó étvágyat!



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