Tips and Tricks for your Kitchen

  •  I collect broccoli stems, the ends of carrots, the ends of celery and put it all in the freezer and then I make vegetable stock. I add fresh herbs like celery and parsley, fresh vegetable like carrots, garlic cloves, onions, celery and I make a big batch of stock. You normally don’t eat that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I make a 3L beautiful stock for different kind of meals  :) And nothing is thrown away.
  • I always buy fresh vegetables, more that I need and then I slice and freeze them. I like to buy vegetables that are on sale and to freeze them for later use. I find this practical for our house, I don’t expect this to work for everybody. I always have in my freezer sliced carrots, celery, parsnips, bell pepper, leeks, peas and I throw them directly into my pot, for me, this is practical because I don’t need to stay and chop all of my vegetables for every meal. I make this in one day and freeze them all individually.
  • The same thing I do with the greens, parsley, celery leaves, chives, dill.I buy a batch of everything, I chop them finely and store them in little plastic boxes, individually. This way I always have fresh leaves on hand.
  • I collect asparagus ends in the freezer until I have a full bag, then I boil and blend them, then I sift it and I use this soup for the asparagus cream soup. Instead of water or stock I use this asparagus soup.
  • You can do something with the orange skin if you don’t want to throw them.
    I put all the skin orange into a big jar, I add vinegar to them and let them stay that way for 2 weeks.
    After 2 weeks, I throw the skin and I pour the vinegar into a spray bottle, I add some water as well and I use this mixture to clean my pots. With a spray bottle is easier to clean the pots and I like it better. I use it as well to clean surfaces, not only for my pots. With a spray bottle is easier to clean the pots and I like it better. The vinegar-orange mixture smells really good. Of course, you can use plain vinegar, but I like to make my life nicer if I can.


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