A-Z Challenge (Book-Invitatia la vals)

Today I will write about a gorgeous Romanian book. I read this book in just 3 days, it’s such a beautiful book if you can find it translated, I really suggest you read it.

You can translate the title «The invitation to waltz».

I’ve heard about this author not so long ago, and I was curious because I’ve read some pretty good reviews about his books. I’ve read this one and I bought another one, named «Love letter» and I am so anxious to read it.

Mihail Drumes was a fictionist and a novelist, very popular in the interwar period.

The story of the book is about two young people who fall in love. But before that happens, happen a lot of other stuff.

The main characters are Tudor and Mihaela.

Tudor is a charming guy who likes to play with girls, he is kinda immature, he doesn’t look forward in his future, he lives only for the present. Girls love him because he’s charming and gorgeous, he had many girls but only to fulfill his needs.

A-Z Challenge (Book-Invitatia la vals)

«I looked at Tudor» when I read the book and I wanted to punch him because he was so annoying, so full of himself.

I know guys who are like this and they are not at all charming, I never found a guy like that charming, for me they were irritating.

The girl in the book is quiet, she looks only to learn in college, she doesn’t even notice him, she’s just not interested.

So, his masculine ego was crushed, because that beautiful girl doesn’t see him.

A-Z Challenge (Book-Invitatia la vals)

And he starts seeking her, but she’s not at all interested in him, she’s kinda annoyed by Tudor.

At first, he seeks her only to get her to fall in love but, surprisingly, they both fall in love. This was the first time he fell in love and he was scared.

I am stopping here and I encourage you to read the book, it’s an excellent one, you will read in one sitting because it’s so interesting and beautifully written.

I don’t know if you can find it in English but it would be amazing if you do.

“Oricum – era de preferat iadul cu o femeie deşteaptă decât paradisul cu una proastă.”

(«Anyway – it was preferable the hell with a smart woman than paradise with a stupid one.»)

“Mi se pare că te văd în toate femeile şi nu te aflu în nici una.” 

(«I seem to see you in all women and I do not find you in any of them.»)

“Marile dureri nu dor la început. Sînt mari pentru că deschid o rană care nu se mai vindecă.” 

(«Great pains don’t hurt at the beginning. They are big because they open a wound that will not heal.»)

“Aveam nevoie de aer, de libertate, de zgomot, de muzică, de orice, pentru că îmi era groază să rămîn numai cu mine.” 

(«I needed air, freedom, noise, music, anything because I was terrified to stay only with myself.»)

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Books I’ve read with the letter I:

  1. I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance – Joshua Harris
  2. I, Isaac, Take Thee Rebekah: Moving from Romance to Lasting Love – Ravi Zacharias
  3. If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat – John Ortberg
  4. In God’s Underground – Richard Wurmbrand
  5. The Invisible Hand: Do All Things Really Work for Good – R.C.Sproul
  6. If Prison Walls Could Speak – Richard Wurmbrand
  7. I know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
  8. If I Stay – Gayle Forman
  9. If Only He Knew: What No Woman Can Resist – Gary Smalley
  10. Insula Pinguinilor – Anatole France
  11. Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex – Linda Dillow

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