Make your own Dried Citrus Peel

This dried citrus peel is excellent in tea, it gives such a unique flavor to it. It’s really good in baked goods as well, ground.

When I’m getting my hands on some organic and delicious citrus I try to get the best of them, to use every piece. That’s why I use the inside and the outside of the fruits.

The citrus from the supermarket, the conventional ones, are good, but you can’t really use the peel because it has some nasty things on it, like Orthophenylphenate and Thiabendazole. I don’t really know what’s that, but surely I don’t want that in my stomach. The citrus peels are covered with some kind of wax to make them last longer and make them shiny, so we can’t eat it or put it in our drinks.

How many times did you drink something with a lemon slice in it? I’m pretty sure that lemon was not organic. So be sure to buy organic citrus when you want to use the peels as well.


  • citrus peel of your choice

The easiest and cheapest way to dry the peels is on the radiator, that’s what I did. If you are already using the radiator, you should take advantage of it, by drying some citrus peel.

Wash the citrus really good and peel them with the potato peeler. It works like a charm. Arrange every peel in a single layer on a parchment paper and put the paper on the radiator.

Make sure you always wash every fruit before you cut it, even though you are not using the skin, because with your knife, you move the dirt and bacteria inside of the fruit.

Let the peels dry for 3 days and then, you can store them in a jar.

You can use these in tea, or you can grind them and make cookies, pancakes or desserts. They’re really good and flavorful.

If you have a citrus tree in your garden, make sure you use the juice and the peel, if they’re organic, make the best of it.

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