• Books I Loved in 2016 (1)

    The Books I Loved in 2016

    As you already know, I LOVE BOOKS!! A LOT! 🙂 They’re my passion, not just a hobby of mine, they’re a way of living my life. These are The Books I Loved in 2016. My books get me through boredom or sad times. Books are a great gift for humanity. I can’t imagine my life without reading, I just can’t. I wasn’t always a bookaholic, in fact, in high school, I didn’t read almost anything, I simply didn’t like reading. But now I devour books, I read in the morning, afternoon and at night. There are people that say that they don’t have time to read while watching tv. They’re lying. They don’t…


    5 Quick & Easy Salads to Get You Back on Track this Year

    You have here 5 Quick & Easy Salads to Get You Back on Track this Year if you indulged too much in sweets, hot chocolate or food these past months. I grew up in a home that Holidays weren’t a big deal, we didn’t really eat together as a family or giving presents to each other. Those memories made me not loving Christmas or caring about it very much and that’s why I didn’t indulge in sweets on Holidays or a lot of food. I know that a lot of you have gorgeous families reunions and you eat together as a family, have parties and indulge in a lot of food,…


    How to make Tiramisu for Two

    Tiramisu has been one of my favorite desserts of all time, I would give any food for just a piece of tiramisu. I didn’t have the chance to eat as much of this dessert as I wanted, maybe that’s why I loved it so much. With this recipe, you will have Tiramisu for Two. When I was younger I thought that tiramisu is very hard to make and not everyone knows how to make it, but I realized that is quite easy. I learned to make tiramisu from my mother-in-law, who would make it very often for my brother-in-law who was obsessed with tiramisu. That’s when I noticed that it’s…