Top 10 Recipes of 2016

I started blogging a year ago about recipes I was making for my family and I can’t believe a year has passed by so quickly. I have so many things to improve on the blog, on my cooking, my photography and this year, 2017, I want to work harder on everything. You, my readers, liked some of the recipes more than others. Here is a list of 10 recipes I made in 2016 that you liked.

1. How to make Fluffy Hummus

How to Make Fluffy Hummus

You seemed to love this recipe, and to be honest, I did too. It was the best hummus I ever made. I love to make and eat hummus very much, with a lot of delicious things.

2. Small-Batch Persimmon Jam

Small-Batch Persimmon Jam

I noticed that a lot of bloggers when they post about canning recipes, they usually make a lot of jars of jam, jello, or pickles. I live only with my husband, so I’m making just a few jars, that’s enough for us. Some of you live alone or with your partner, so making 3 jars of jam or pickles is enough and I understand you and I will continue to post these recipes.

3. Marinated Olives and Feta Cheese

How To: Marinated Olives and Feta Cheese

This was one of my favorite thing to do and to eat. 🙂 If you didn’t try it by now, I really encourage you. It’s super delicious, especially in a salad. Once you marinate olives and feta cheese, you will not go back to store-bought again, I promise.

4. Ricotta, Ham and Bell Pepper Pinwheels

Ricotta, Ham and Bell Pepper Puff Pastry Pinwheels

I am telling you one thing, my husband loved these. These are so quick to make and so easy to eat.:)

They will disappear from the table in seconds. You can use them as an appetizer for a party or just as a snack, they’re delicious either way.

5. Chard and Potato Cream Soup

Chard and Potato Cream Soup

You’re funny, you seem to like what I like. This was a soup recipe that I loved and I still do, of course. It’s super delicious and easy to make, nutritious, hearty and healthy. It’s everything you need from a soup. I guess, of all the soups I made, that this one is my favorite.

6. Easy Stromboli

Easy Stromboli

Let me tell you something about this recipe. So, I made this Stromboli and I tasted the little part you see in the picture and the rest, my husband ate it in one sitting. He said that it was really good and that I should make that again so I will.

7. Dried Citrus Peel

Make your own Dried Citrus Peel

This post is one of my favorites in months because I dried those citrus peels and now, my tea smells and tastes delicious. Make sure to use an organic citrus peel. This way, you will not drink that toxic wax. Even cleaning it, I don’t think it’s suitable for eating, so make to use organic citrus.

8. Lavender Infused Sugar

Lavender Infused Sugar

This was for me a moment of relaxing, of drinking a tea and making this beauty. You can use this sugar or you look at it or smell it.

9. 5-minute Vegan Mayonnaise

How To: 5-minute Vegan Mayonnaise

You loved this recipe, I think, especially because it’s vegan and healthier than the conventional one. I love it too and I make this when I need mayonnaise in a recipe.

10. Healthy Banana Bread

Healthy Banana Bread

And for the last one, you loved this recipe. And I loved it too. It was family approved and of course, coffee approved. 🙂

Finally, I hope I will make more recipes that suit you, and me, that we will all love and make for our loved ones.

This year was a journey for me, starting blogging, sharing parts of my life, my recipes. I hope I encouraged you to cook since I am a beginner myself.

So, do you have other favorite recipes from my blog that I didn’t mention? Can I tell you my favorite recipes? The salads. 🙂 Of course, I will continue to post more in the future, because I love them.

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