16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

You will totally love these 16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work, they’re perfect for work or school. Easy to prepare and good for you.

I love to eat. Am I the only one? ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think so. But I don’t like to eat things that are not healthy and make me sick.

I am not at all a health freak, sometimes I eat Nutella directly out of the jar or more potato chips than usual. I am not restricting myself, I live life, I eat with my family and enjoy their company.

Nowadays, people put so much effort on what to eat, and forget about family, relationships, and eating together, which is more important. -Making memories.-

For me, personally, eating with my family is more important than what we’re eating.

On Holidays, in our family, the most important thing, is the family members, not the food, that’s why we make just 1-2 courses and 1 dessert, to avoid food wasting and to stress less about preparing it. It’s more important to spend time with your family than slaving in the kitchen.

Now for the snacks. The first snack that I want to show you is dried fruit with no sugar in it, and it’s better if it’s homemade.

Here we have 3 kinds of dried fruit, but of course, there are so much more from what you can choose.

1. Dried Fruit Without Sugar

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work 16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work 16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work2 of these are store-bought and the kiwi is dried on the radiator. All of them are sugar-free.

These are some of the benefits of buying and eating dried fruits.

  • longer shelf-life than fresh fruits
  • ! contain more calories than fresh fruits
  • high in fiber
  • antioxidants
  • a high amount of beta-carotene
  • a source of energy
  • little to no fat
! Always buy sugarless dried fruits.

2. Raw Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachios etc.

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkYou can pack in a small zipper bag one kind of nut or just mix them up. Or, if you’re going on a road trip, they’re perfect as a snack for kids and the grown-ups.

You can add some chocolate chips to make them more edible if you have some picky eaters.

! Be careful if you have kids with nut allergies.

Nuts also have some great benefits:


  • help with weight loss
  • reduces body fat
  • lowers cholesterol


  • high in monosaturated fat
  • high in omega-3 fatty acids (which help prevent heart disease)
  • help prevent depression


  • may prevent premature aging and tissue degradation
  • help produce healthy red and white blood cells


  • cholesterol free
  • weight loss
  • diabetes
  • lower blood pressure
  • arthritis support

3.Hummus with Fresh Vegetables (Hummus Dippers)

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

Hummus is great in so many ways. You can eat it at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. Isn’t that amazing? ๐Ÿ™‚

I like hummus in a sandwich, wrap or with some super delicious vegetables. Talk about a healthy snack, that’s delicious and good for you.

To bring them in a safer way to work, you can add a few tablespoons of hummus in a jar and add sticks of fresh vegetables vertically into the hummus, for a quick snack. I added peppers and carrots, but you can add whatever you love most.

No spills and no worries. This is great for kids too.

4.Energy Bars and Balls

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkThis is another great snack. They’re easy to make and to prevent food wasting, you can freeze them in small plastic containers and take one container to work when you need it.

Of course, you can also buy energy bars and balls, there are some amazing ones out there. Be sure to read the ingredient list and enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

5.Seed Crackers

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

(These seed crackers from Ikea are my favorite ones)

I don’t know why, but I love seed crackers, the store-bought, and the homemade ones. They’re delicious and it goes perfectly with a bowl of sizzling soup. I just like anything with seeds. Seed crackers are super easy to make at home, I encourage you to try it.

6.Roasted Chickpeas

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

Oh my, I think this is my favorite snack to munch on. They’re so crunchy, savory and delicious. I simply love roasted chickpeas.

Chickpeas have a lot of health benefits too:

  • induce peaceful sleep
  • heals skin
  • rich in calcium
  • boost immunity
  • strengthen hair
  • iron source

7.A Mix of Roasted Nuts

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkIf you don’t like raw nuts, you should give to roasted nuts a try. Sometimes I roast almonds with rosemary and sometimes I just mix some of my favorite nuts and I roast them at 180*C 10 minutes, until crunchy.

I don’t add anything else, just the nuts. They’re really a perfect snack.

8.Fresh Fruits

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkWell, this has to be the easiest and most obvious snack and sometimes we forget about it. There are so many varieties of fruits out there, that I am sure you will find something for your taste if you are not much of a fruit eater.

9.Peanut Butter and Apple

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

(This is my favorite Peanut Butter, from Whole Earth)

This snack is a classic. It’s delicious, perfect for the kid and the parent. Of course, if you like other nut butter better, try that with apples.

10. Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

I don’t know if you would like these, but they’re a pretty great snack. They also have amazing health benefits so make sure to have them in your diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

  • magnesium
  • zinc (immunity, cell growth, sleep)
  • omega-3 fats
  • heart and liver health
  • tryptophan for a good night sleep

Sunflower Seeds

  • anti-inflammatory
  • lower cholesterol
  • magnesium
  • cancer prevention

11.Yogurt with Fresh Fruit

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkInstead of eating those nasty yogurts with fruit flavorings, why not having a natural yogurt with some fresh fruit, like berries? Which are full of fiber and are extremely delicious as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

12. Oatmeal with Berries

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkFor some time, oatmeal on the go has been all the rage and I understand why. It’s healthy and perfect for busy people, even though it’s not healthy to be so busy, am I right?

13.Kale Chips

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkThis is another great snack, even though it’s not filling. Make sure to add kale into your diet.

Some of the benefits are:

  • antioxidant
  • prevents cancer
  • anti-inflammatory
  • detox
  • cardiovascular support

14.Dark Chocolate

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

For all of you chocolate lovers, this one is dedicated to you. If you love chocolate, try switching to a healthier version, and it’s very easy, I assure you.

There are a lot of dark chocolates out there, with lemon, mint, raspberries, orange, with 50 %-90% cacao powder.

You will not notice so much that the chocolate is bitter if you eat one with some of these delicious additions. Dark chocolate has very interesting benefits for your health, so make sure to add this too into your diet.

When you crave something sweet, but unhealthy, have a piece of dark chocolate. Delicious and good for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • one of the best sources of antioxidants
  • fiber, magnesium, iron
  • lower blood pressure
  • protects your skin against the sun
  • improves brain function

15.A Green Smoothie

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkSmoothies are quick to make and easy to take with you when you are on the run in the morning.

I am not really a smoothie person, but sometimes I like to enjoy one. I am not that person that would drink a kale smoothie only for the benefits, but with a bad taste. If I make a smoothie, even a green one, I have to enjoy it so that I can drink it again.

16. Chia Seed Pudding

16 Healthy Snacks to Bring to WorkThe last snack in my list would be a chia seed pudding. This is another snack or breakfast that I totally love.

It’s super delicious and easy to make. You can add cacao powder, berries, nuts, coconut shavings and the list could go on and on.

Chia seeds have great benefits as well:

  • skin and aging
  • digestive health
  • boost your energy
  • lose weight

Did you like my list of healthy snacks that you can bring to work? Which one is your favorite?



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