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This is my personal review of the book Happy People Read And Drink Coffee written by Agnes Martin-Lugand.

From the start, I will say that I didn’t like it most of the time. The entire time I made faces like these:  🙄   🙄 . It was kinda a weird book. Let me explain myself.

The book starts by telling the story of a little family, Diane with her husband and their daughter, Clara. The husband and daughter die in a car accident (it’s not a spoiler! you can read that on the first page) and Diane’s world shatters. It’s no wonder that that happens. I can’t even imagine that happening to me. She suffers, cries, and feels that her life has ended.

«And it wasn’t as if Diane also died when Colin left her. She just stopped living. Grief is a strange thing. (A Man Called Ove hint 🙂 )

The thing is that she crawls in her pain, and she needs to escape somewhere where nobody knows her. In another country. She goes to Ireland, where Colin always wanted to go. She still suffers and cries, but somehow, after she meets her new neighbor, she starts acting strangely.

Diane was somehow spoiled, she didn’t know to do many things, she moved directly from her parents’ house to Colin’. She couldn’t manage to take care of herself. And now she acts like a complete teenager. Trust me when I say that I rolled my eyes the entire time  I read the book.

It was super easy to read because the writing was simple, and the story, so superficial. I wanted to leave it unfinished but because was easy to read, I said that I would give it another chance.

I thought that this would be a warm story because I have to say, the title tricked me and others. I read it because I love reading and drinking coffee. But I kinda wasted my time with this book.

I give it 2 stars because made me cry at one point when Diane lost her wedding ring.

All in all, this book is great for a summer read on the beach, but nothing else.

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