how to reduce food waste on christmas

How To Reduce Food Waste on Christmas

In a few lines, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to reduce food waste on Christmas.

Unfortunately, on Christmas day people usually throw away tons and tons of food and that’s just sad. Only the Britons throw away on Christmas day £64 million worth of food. Can you believe that amount of waste?? So, to avoid wasting your money and help the environment, I came up with a few tricks to help you.

I know that Christmas is all about the food nowadays, presents, and having a nice time. But we really need to open our eyes and see the damage we’re making.

1.Stay away from the grocery store in the last few days before Christmas

In last few days before Christmas is super crowded in the grocery store. Personally, for me, it’s not very comfortable to shop if it’s crowded. Maybe that happens to you too. And you rush home, you forget things, maybe you come back. And it’s a vicious cycle. Also, you are more tempted to buy all those Christmas prepped food that you don’t really need or sweets. These days, the grocery stores are packed with sweets and if you’re not careful, you’ll buy them all.

For me, the week before Christmas is perfect for grocery shopping. It’s still crowded, but they’re fewer people than days before Christmas. This way, you’ll go more organized and there are fewer chances to buy unnecessary things.

2.Try to focus more on the people instead of the food

For all of us, food is a big part of our lives, and especially on Christmas. But sometimes, we tend to focus more on the food instead of the people around us, like family and friends. When we put the focus on the food, we tend to spend way more than it’s normal and we throw away a lot more food. But when we put the focus on the family, on spending quality time together, food is not that important. Of course, you cook, but don’t spend an excessive amount of money just for Christmas. That’s just not right.

3.Don’t fall under the pressure that nowadays culture shows us, that tables have to be filled with food

It doesn’t have to be like that. Usually, when there aren’t any holidays, people don’t eat an excessive amount of food. They eat normally. Why do we have to exaggerate like that on Christmas? When the table is packed with food, you want to try them all. Sometimes you get sick and just feel bloated. And that’s not what we usually eat. Am I right? On normal days you fill your plate 3-4 times? You don’t do that, no? Then why we should do it otherwise on Christmas?!

4.Plan a menu but be realistic about the portions. Eat your leftovers or use them to create something new. Freeze the leftovers and eat them later.

I know that if you’ll have guests on Christmas you want to have enough food to feed all of them. I understand you because that’s my own case as well. But please be realistic about the portions. We often tend to exaggerate when it comes to food. And then, if you don’t eat the leftovers, they go to waste. And if you do more food than you can eat, there will be more waste and more money thrown in the garbage. Please think about your finances. Because your food is your money. If you are sick of eating leftover you can also use them to create new dishes. There are a lot of ideas on the internet.

5.Serve yourself only what you can eat

This is important especially if you’re not eating just with your family. I guess you would not like to eat the leftovers from someone else’s plate. Am I wrong? So, to avoid unnecessary waste that you can’t use, serve yourself only what you can eat. You can always serve yourself again. But clean out the plate, and don’t leave leftovers in the plate.

If you need more tips and tricks I wrote a post about how to save money at the grocery store. Tips you can easily use and take advantage of.

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store


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