Review on the Book Joy in the Morning//Betty Smith

Review on the Book Joy in the Morning//Betty Smith

Joy in the morning on Bookdepository

«A glad affirmation that love can accomplish the impossible.»-Chicago Tribune about the lovely book Joy in the morning

Well, what can I say about this book? I loved it, simply loved it. For me, it is the best book I’ve ever read. Not because it’s written in the best way possible, but because it talked to me.

This book is just the sweetest and loveliest book I’ve ever read. You will love Annie’s wittiness and Carl’s tenderness towards Annie. It warmed my heart every time he called her «sweetheart». I could really imagine how sweet he talked to her.

When I read this book I was continually thinking of young love and marriage, and how love conquers all. I was thinking about me and my husband, about our own marriage. And that made me so happy. And this book made me so extremely happy.

You can say that this is a simple book. It’s about life and realistic love. Annie’s and Carl’s life together. With its ups and down.

Annie was 18 and Carl only 20 when they got married. Nobody agreed but they did it anyway. And they never looked back or regretted their decision. They loved each other dearly and they only had one another. Annie and Carl were very young when they married but they grew in wisdom, love, respect, and experience together. Annie was 18  but looked 14. She was full of life, questions and had a great thirst for books and knowledge. Annie would ask Carl everything she didn’t know. She was a curious young girl. Carl acted as a grown-up man, who needed to support him and his wife but he was only a boy himself too. Too young to bear all the hardships they had to go through.

Their first year together was difficult because Annie couldn’t find work and Carl had to go to classes. She did find work after a while but the job didn’t feel right so she quit. Because of their financial situation, they didn’t want to have a child right away, but even though they were careful, Annie got pregnant after a few months. And this added to their struggles.

Annie didn’t know how to tell Carl without him worrying too much about the financial issue. Instead, she worried by herself for 2 months and didn’t tell him she was pregnant. Carl and Annie had a beautiful baby boy, even though she thought they would have a little girl. And they named the boy Carlton.

I waited and waited for some tragedy to turn up because I thought this book is too perfect but nothing happened.

And they lived happily ever after. With love, struggles, and heartache because it’s life, not a fairytale.

But love in real life is the best love you can have!

“Some people do crossword puzzles. I do books.”

“What is the difference between happiness and contentment?»

“Well, happy is like when somebody gives you a big hunk of something wonderful and it’s too big to hold. So you pull off a piece from time to time to hold in your hand. that’s being contented. anyway, that’s the way I look at it.” 

“I’m glad I got you!” 

If you like Betty Smith and loved A tree grows in Brooklyn, you will love this one!

Joy in the morning on Bookdepository

There is also a movie if you want to see it. Have you watched this beautiful song from the movie? I encourage you to do so.

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