The Book Jar (What to Read Next??)

    You know that feeling when you have so many books but you always buy more, and don’t know what to read next? I’m with you on this one. Suffer no more. Make this Book Jar and you’ll always know what to read next. I’m sure you already know that last year I decided to take a break from buying more books. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read that post here. At first, it was hard because I was used to constantly buying new books, but after a few months, it was kinda a relief. I discovered books I already had in my house for so long. I rediscovered…

  • Review on the Book Joy in the Morning//Betty Smith

    Review on the Book Joy in the Morning//Betty Smith

    Joy in the morning on Bookdepository “A glad affirmation that love can accomplish the impossible.”-Chicago Tribune about the lovely book Joy in the morning Well, what can I say about this book? I loved it, simply loved it. For me, it is the best book I’ve ever read. Not because it’s written in the best way possible, but because it talked to me. This book is just the sweetest and loveliest book I’ve ever read. You will love Annie’s wittiness and Carl’s tenderness towards Annie. It warmed my heart every time he called her “sweetheart”. I could really imagine how sweet he talked to her. When I read this book I…

  • Recenzie Contract de Casatorie - Gárdonyi Géza

    Recenzie Contract de Casatorie – Gárdonyi Géza

    Aceasta carte – Contract de casatorie – a fost, pentru mine, o carte exceptionala si ma bucur din suflet ca am dat peste ea din intamplare. Nu va pot spune cum de am cumparat-o sau ce m-a atras la ea pentru ca nu am citit nimic de Gárdonyi Géza pana acum. In primul rand, vreau sa va spun ca mi-a placut foarte mult Contract de casatorie, m-a incantat chiar. De cand am inceput acel challenge sa nu mai cumpar carti cel putin 6 luni, am inceput sa citesc ce aveam in biblioteca personala. Iar aceasta carte e una din ele. Nu mai tin minte cand am cumparat-o de la anticariat. Dar cert e,…

  • TOP 20 Cele Mai Bune Carti Citite In 2017

    TOP 20 Cele Mai Bune Carti Citite In 2017

    La fel ca anul trecut, si anul acesta va voi spune ce carti mi-au placut. Dar de data aceasta va fi un TOP 20 Cele Mai Bune Carti Citite In 2017, pentru ca am citit mai multe. 1.I know why the caged bird sings-Maya Angelou In ultimul timp am citit cateva carti despre lucruri reale ca holocaust, sclavie sau rasism. Imi plac foarte mult pentru ca ma fac sa inteleg mult mai mult realitatea a ceea ce s-a intamplat si se intampla inca, din pacate. Aceasta carte mi-a placut mult, iar dupa ce am citit-o, am daruit-o altcuiva pentru a se bucura de ea cum m-am bucurat si eu. Citind cartea, imi aduceam…

  • Review on the Book ROOM-Emma Donoghue

    Review on the Book ROOM-Emma Donoghue

    This is my personal review of the book Room written so beautifully by Emma Donoghue. So, this book is AGAIN, one of the favorites that I read this year. I simply loved it. It’s such a simple reading because it’s narrated by a “5-year-old boy”. But of course, it’s deeper than that. The story is about a 19-year-old girl who is abducted, raped and kept captive for 7 long years. In the second year, she’s been captive, she gave birth to Jack, a bright and intelligent sweet boy. I think Jack is my favorite character from all the books I’ve read this year. When her son came to life, everything had more…


    Why I’ll Stop Buying Books for 6 Months

    Yeah! You read that right! Here I’ll tell you why I’ll stop buying books for 6 months or even more. First of all, let me just clarify one thing: I LOVE MY BOOKS!  😀 I love reading, buying books, looking for books, reading reviews, reading about books, I love talking about books. If anybody is willing to listen, I’ll ramble on and on about my favorite books. I just love them! They’re a huge part of my life, as you already noticed. But, since I started reading, my pile of books has grown bigger and bigger and I’m sure it will not get any smaller anytime soon. My to-read list is…


    Top 10 Cele Mai Bune Carti Citite in 2016

    In urmatoarele randuri, voi impartasi cu voi ce carti mi-au placut in 2016. Am creat un Top 10 cu cele mai bune carti citite.  Cui nu ii plac cartile?! E o intrebare retorica, dar totusi, sunt unele persoane carora nu le place sa citeasca. Cat de multe pierd, asa-i? Eu nu-mi mai pot imagina viata fara carti, fac parte din viata mea pentru totdeauna. Am inceput sa citesc si sa iubesc cartile doar in primul an de facultate, dar de atunci citesc si nu ma mai opresc. Daca iubiti cartile, trebuie neaparat sa va faceti un cont pe Goodreads, acel site minunat unde adaugi carti pe care le-ai citit, pe…

  • Thoughts on the Book The Shack by WM. Paul Young

    Thoughts on the Book The Shack by WM. Paul Young

    These are some of the thoughts I wrote in my journal about the book The Shack and I wanted to share them with you. I gotta say, I started this book with judgemental feelings, I don’t know why. There are things that are kinda weird if I can say that. But this book is all fiction, nothing in it is real. Nonetheless, I learned a lot of great things from it, because I read it with an open mind. And I’m happy I did that. I think you already know what this book is all about, but if you don’t, let me show you just a few highlights. This book…


    Personal Review · Happy People Read And Drink Coffee · Agnes Martin-Lugand

    This is my personal review of the book Happy People Read And Drink Coffee written by Agnes Martin-Lugand. From the start, I will say that I didn’t like it most of the time. The entire time I made faces like these:  🙄   🙄 . It was kinda a weird book. Let me explain myself. The book starts by telling the story of a little family, Diane with her husband and their daughter, Clara. The husband and daughter die in a car accident (it’s not a spoiler! you can read that on the first page) and Diane’s world shatters. It’s no wonder that that happens. I can’t even imagine that happening to me.…


    How Optimism can Change your Life and Marriage

    Today I want to talk to you about How Optimism can Change your Life and Marriage. I thought about a few ideas and I want to share them with you. First things first, I want to tell you a few things about me. I grew up in a family where there wasn’t so many happy moments or laughter, so I grew up as an introvert person, somehow serious who would not laugh so much and so easily. When I was younger, I always wondered why my friends were always so happy and my laugh was somehow fake because I didn’t quite feel it. Now I know why. I loved to…