• Review on the Book ROOM-Emma Donoghue

    Review on the Book ROOM-Emma Donoghue

    This is my personal review of the book Room written so beautifully by Emma Donoghue. So, this book is AGAIN, one of the favorites that I read this year. I simply loved it. It’s such a simple reading because it’s narrated by a “5-year-old boy”. But of course, it’s deeper than that. The story is about a 19-year-old girl who is abducted, raped and kept captive for 7 long years. In the second year, she’s been captive, she gave birth to Jack, a bright and intelligent sweet boy. I think Jack is my favorite character from all the books I’ve read this year. When her son came to life, everything had more…


    Why I’ll Stop Buying Books for 6 Months

    Yeah! You read that right! Here I’ll tell you why I’ll stop buying books for 6 months or even more. First of all, let me just clarify one thing: I LOVE MY BOOKS!  😀 I love reading, buying books, looking for books, reading reviews, reading about books, I love talking about books. If anybody is willing to listen, I’ll ramble on and on about my favorite books. I just love them! They’re a huge part of my life, as you already noticed. But, since I started reading, my pile of books has grown bigger and bigger and I’m sure it will not get any smaller anytime soon. My to-read list is…


    Top 10 Cele Mai Bune Carti Citite in 2016

    In urmatoarele randuri, voi impartasi cu voi ce carti mi-au placut in 2016. Am creat un Top 10 cu cele mai bune carti citite.  Cui nu ii plac cartile?! E o intrebare retorica, dar totusi, sunt unele persoane carora nu le place sa citeasca. Cat de multe pierd, asa-i? Eu nu-mi mai pot imagina viata fara carti, fac parte din viata mea pentru totdeauna. Am inceput sa citesc si sa iubesc cartile doar in primul an de facultate, dar de atunci citesc si nu ma mai opresc. Daca iubiti cartile, trebuie neaparat sa va faceti un cont pe Goodreads, acel site minunat unde adaugi carti pe care le-ai citit, pe…

  • Thoughts on the Book The Shack by WM. Paul Young

    Thoughts on the Book The Shack by WM. Paul Young

    These are some of the thoughts I wrote in my journal about the book The Shack and I wanted to share them with you. I gotta say, I started this book with judgemental feelings, I don’t know why. There are things that are kinda weird if I can say that. But this book is all fiction, nothing in it is real. Nonetheless, I learned a lot of great things from it, because I read it with an open mind. And I’m happy I did that. I think you already know what this book is all about, but if you don’t, let me show you just a few highlights. This book…