Small-Batch Persimmon Jam

    This Small-Batch Persimmon Jam is perfect if you want to make just a few jars of homemade jam. I always loved making jam at home, and canning in general. It gives you such a great feeling knowing that you made that, and you have a pantry filled with all sorts of goodies for winter. I love that. I don’t really autumn and winter, I hate the cold weather, but I like when the time comes for canning. When you buy produce that is in the season, it’s from your country, it’s delicious and ready to can. This time I’m making persimmon jam. This orange fruit is so good, I can’t wait…


    Small-Batch Fig and Vanilla Jam

    Today I made a delicious Small-Batch Fig and Vanilla Jam that is very easy to make and so incredibly tasty. Autumn is here, AGAIN. (sad face) I am not really a fan of cold weather and layers of clothes, I love summer very much, even though I get tired of the hot weather. I prefer summer every day instead of a gloomy and cool day. But summer will come again, and we can enjoy what autumn brings to us, gorgeous landscapes and comfort food. For me, autumn automatically means canning. I love canning very much, it relaxes me and makes me happy to make so many goodies for winter. Ingredients:…

  • Easy Grapes Compote Recipe | booksandlavender.com

    Easy Grapes Compote Recipe

    This is an Easy Grapes Compote Recipe, that’s delicious and perfect for winter. The sugar measurement depends on how sweet is the fruit you are using. I’m not so much into autumn because I know that winter is right around the corner, but I love it because you eat seasonal, cheap and delicious fruits and veggies. And also, I like fall, because it’s the official canning season, so I like that. 🙂 For me canning it’s like a treatment, I love it, it’s relaxing. I ate only once grapes compote and I loved it. I had some beautiful grapes in the kitchen, so I wanted to put them to good…

  • Delicious Pizza Sauce

    Delicious Pizza Sauce

    You really have to make this Delicious Pizza Sauce, it’s so good, easy to make and perfect for pizza or pasta. Ingredients: 1 kg of tomatoes 1 small sprig of basil, fresh one full teaspoon of dried oregano 4 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons of olive oil salt and pepper 1 tablespoon of brown sugar The first thing we have to do is to wash and cut the tomatoes in 4. Set aside. In a medium pot add the olive oil and heat it, add the garlic cloves cut in 2 and saute them for 3 minutes. Add the tomatoes, basil, and oregano. Simmer them on medium heat, with the lid on,…


    Quick Pickled Red Onions

    I like things that you can make very easily and also, ahead of time. Especially in the summer, I like fresh ingredients and meals that are refreshing and easy to make. This Quick Pickled Red Onions recipe is one of them. I like to make a lot of delicious salads and bowls with fresh veggies and hummus, or rice and quinoa, meals that make us feel good. These pickled onions are refreshing, you can eat them in so many ways, they’re delicious either way. I love them so much, that I like to eat them plain, with a fork. 🙂 The best thing about these onions is that they’re so easy to make,…