• strawberry tiramisu

    Strawberry Tiramisu

    If you are a fan of sweets, or you want something delicious and decadent for Valentine’s day, this Strawberry Tiramisu would be perfect for the occasion. Since I tried tiramisu for the first time, I fell in love with it, and even though I’m not a person with a strong sweet tooth, I love tiramisu. And I do make it every now and then to satisfy our craving. If you don’t want to make a bigger batch of tiramisu, you can totally make it in a jar. Here you have a recipe of tiramisu for two people. It’s perfect if you want just one serving. Ingredients: 400 g of fresh strawberries,…

  • Cranberry Lemon Pound Cake

    Cranberry Lemon Pound Cake

    If you want your New Years morning to be a little more special, bake this Cranberry Lemon Pound Cake to have it ready for your breakfast coffee. This is my second time buying and trying cranberries. Until now, I’ve never seen them in the grocery store. Even though they are expensive, I was super curious to see how they taste like. When we got out of the grocery store, my entire family tried one of them. They were sour and bitter at the same time. I was kinda disappointed because I expected them to be different. And then I thought, that I should bake a pound cake. And this is the…


    Spiced Cardamom Ginger Cookies

    If you are anything like me, you love your coffee! You love it so much that you want to pair it with something. And these Spiced Cardamom Ginger Cookies are perfect for coffee! I love Christmas cookies, shortbreads, gingerbread, everything Christmas, but since I’m not such a fan of sweets, I love more to bake them instead of eating them. Is that weird? I love to bake stuff, but for the pleasure of baking, not the eating. And when I make some cookies, I like to make a small batch of them and to try different kinds of them with my coffee. So, today I said I wanted to try some…