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    Chicken Mung Bean Stew

    If you’re out of ideas on what to cook today, try this Chicken Mung Bean Stew and you will not regret the decision. It’s easy to prepare and will be a favorite in your family as it is in mine. These days I’m all about making fast meals, or nothing at all. Because I don’t have the time to make something fancy, or even two courses. My daughter takes up all my time, and I also have to eat and shower, and with a 6 month-old that’s pretty difficult. She barely sleeps during the day so I don’t really have the time. This recipe is pretty straigthforward, I would say.…


    Comforting Chorizo Sausage and Bean Stew

    We had some cold rainy days here, and all I craved was some Comforting Chorizo Sausage and Bean Stew. It’s easy to make and it’s perfect for leftovers or meal prep. You can make this stew in a million ways, with the ingredients you most love. You don’t have to stick to my recipe. And you can make a big batch of it and freeze it for when you’re not in the mood of cooking. I usually cook the beans separately for a few minutes, and I freeze half of it for another time. That’s my kind of meal prep. You can make this stew vegetarian, by skipping all the meat…