Spanish Chickpea Stew

    When it’s cold and rainy outside we crave #comfortfoods and this Spanish Chickpea Stew is one of the best. Winter is here and with it the cold weather, so I started making more soups and stews to warms us up. One of them is this tasty Spanish Chickpea Stew with chorizo sausage and chard. It’s really delicious. And it makes for great leftovers. Or you can include it in your weekly meal prep and make a huge batch for 3-4 days. If you’re eating more stews during the winter, it doesn’t mean that they have to be fatty and gross. If I add sausage or any kind of meat to…

  • Hearty Bean Stew Recipe

    Hearty Bean Stew Recipe

    Since days are getting colder, we crave more comfort food, like this Hearty Bean Stew, filled with veggies and it’s so easy to make. These days I made more comfort food recipes, like risotto, soups, and stews to feel cozy and fuzzy on the inside. And it works. If you make hearty recipes like this one, make sure to add tons of veggies to it, to get those nutrients in. These stews are hearty but they’re not heavy, not even for me, who has a stomach ulcer. If you make them with lots of veggies, you are good to go. I can tell you from experience. Ingredients: 600 g of pre-cooked beans…