• Recenzie Contract de Casatorie - Gárdonyi Géza

    Recenzie Contract de Casatorie – Gárdonyi Géza

    Aceasta carte – Contract de casatorie – a fost, pentru mine, o carte exceptionala si ma bucur din suflet ca am dat peste ea din intamplare. Nu va pot spune cum de am cumparat-o sau ce m-a atras la ea pentru ca nu am citit nimic de Gárdonyi Géza pana acum. In primul rand, vreau sa va spun ca mi-a placut foarte mult Contract de casatorie, m-a incantat chiar. De cand am inceput acel challenge sa nu mai cumpar carti cel putin 6 luni, am inceput sa citesc ce aveam in biblioteca personala. Iar aceasta carte e una din ele. Nu mai tin minte cand am cumparat-o de la anticariat. Dar cert e,…


    A-Z Challenge (Book-The Count of Monte Cristo)

    Today I will talk about one of my favorite books. I can’t even start to tell you how much I loved this book and the lessons from it. Like many other books, I read this in college, when I spent my time reading books from the local library and buying books. I would stay in bed and read and read, and the night would come and I would still read with a little pen with light that I had. For 5 years I lived in a dorm and it was a pretty good life. I went to college and then, for hours, almost every day, I would read. When I…