Strawberry Lemonade

    Today’s recipe is a delicious and refreshing strawberry lemonade. So good and easy to make. Summer is almost over and it makes me sad. I don’t like cold weather and the winter altogether, I’m a summer person, even though I was born in winter. I want to take advantage of the summer ’till it lasts because before you know it, it’s over. (sad face) I’m not so much of a beach person, more of a forest and mountains, I like to move, even though I’m not so much of a sports person. (the irony!) But I hate staying on a beach doing nothing. I can’t swim, and I’m kinda afraid of water,…


    Frozen Yogurt Bites

    These Frozen Yogurt Bites are perfect for the summer, they have fruits, the perfect amount of honey and they’re delicious and so easy to make. Ingredients for 4 bites: 4 tablespoons of greek yogurt 1 teaspoon of honey or agave syrup 4 tablespoons of granola fruits of your choice In a cupcake or muffin tin add the liners. In each cupcake add one tablespoon of granola, one tablespoon of yogurt mixed with the honey and on top, add the fruits. You can add whatever fruits you love. You can even add fruits to the yogurt, that’s up to you. Freeze for at least 3 hours and serve. 🙂 Have you made…

  • Potato Salad

    Potato Salad

    Potato Salad is an excellent meal idea for lunch, on the go or for picnics with the family. It’s super delicious and easy to make. When it’s hot outside, I’m sure that you too, don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and want something easy to eat. You can serve this dish at room temperature, or if you prefer, you can eat it straight from the fridge. I wanted to make it with some green vegetables, so I added broccoli and peas. These add some freshness to the salad. Ingredients: 700 g of baby potatoes 1/2 a head of broccoli 50 g of peas parsley chives slices…