Chocolate Crêpes with Cranberry Sauce

    If you’re a fan of crepes, you are going to love these Chocolate Crêpes with Cranberry Sauce. They’re easy to make and perfect for autumn when cranberries are in abundance. Last year was the first time I found fresh cranberries. I was really intrigued to try them because I’ve never had them in my entire life. I didn’t know they are so so ridiculously tart. So instead of eating them raw, I made a pound cake with cranberry sauce. It was really delicious. You can find it here. So this year I decided to buy cranberries again but to try something different. And I came up with this idea: Chocolate Crêpes with Cranberry…

  • A Visit To the Aneto Factory in Cataluña + A Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

    A Visit To the Aneto Factory in Cataluña + A Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

    Today I’m gonna share with you the experience we had at the factory Aneto Natural in Artes (Barcelona). Also, a delicious recipe for a quick pumpkin risotto. This factory makes all kinds of broths (26 kinds!) from chicken, to vegetables, artichoke, carrot, with 0% sodium, low sodium content, all natural. I heard about them years ago when I first moved to Spain, but I wasn’t paying much attention to the products. Normally, I like to make broth and stock at home. I don’t really trust when I see products in grocery stores that claim that their product is 100% natural. Then you see the list of the ingredients and it’s…